PowerShovelbooksをスタートした2004年に書いた文章が見つかった。 気分は変わっていないのでここに採録する。

むかし、むかし、PowerShovelは、今ではオシャレさんの必需品になったロシア製カメラからスタートした。HOLGA, POLGA,なんてもの手掛けたり、様々なミクスチャーイベントもやって、トイカメラっていうジャンクをスピリッツをちょっとは知らしめてきた。






I found the text I wrote about Powershovelbooks in 2004. My feelings have not changed, so I'll give them to you here as they were.

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, Powershovel began with a certain Russian-made camera which has now become somewhat of a must-have fashion item. We tried our hands at Holga, Polga, put on a number of mixed-genre events and somehow managed to instill some form of life into that junk which is known as "Toy Cameras".

And, snapping back to 2004, we who begun our time with all things photo related, have now naturally arrived at our next standing point - paper. The concept? "All that which can be seen".

That is to say, it's about everything, but we haven't got a clue. It's like some musician said.

We're not out to make music which will be listened to 100 years from now. We're only out to portray what's happening right now, take a slice right out of this instant. Yeah, those are the words for us.

In the world of paper, we're total rookies. But, we always dreamt of the stuff. Oh, dear gods of paper, we are here to greet you, in rapture and in fear!

Everyone, we're here, so don't turn that page!

代表 大森秀樹

Powershovel Ltd.
Hideki Ohmori